Hear from one of our Top Producing Franchisees, Jon Hull – 2% Realty Pro, Edmonton AB

What was your previous career experience?  

I have been in the real estate industry for almost 18 years. Prior to joining 2% Realty, I was with one of the largest real estate brands where I worked on a

What has been the best part about buying a franchise with 2% Realty? 

The best part of purchasing a 2% Realty franchise for me as a Real Estate Agent, is having job security. It has allowed me to increase my income and reduce my costs as a Real Estate Agent, by being an owner on an entire office. Going from an independent Real Estate Agent, to finally having a long-term income vehicle to leverage other Real Estate Agents working for you to earn off, as made this the best decision I’ve ever made!  

How has your business exploded since opening your office and how have you
disrupted your local market?

Our business has grown immensely in our market, and we have earned recognition from the community as an authentic service driven brokerage. We are known as the largest Full-Service lower commission brokerage option for sellers. We are proud to have helped our clients save over 7 million dollars in Real Estate Agent commissions in the past five years, compared to traditional concept brokerages. Our clients love being able to use the money they save for the important things in life, like vacations!

What do you love most about being your own boss?

I love being able to see the Real Estate Agents and the Franchisees in our network succeed in selling a tremendous amount of real estate with our commission model! Being my own boss is very rewarding, especially when we’re providing our clients with an exceptional buying and selling experience, while saving them money! It’s a very positive work environment for everyone!

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